Official Results – 2016 IMMAF World Championships – Day 2


immaf world championships

Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

CAGE 1 (18 Bouts)


Bout 1. Men’s Welterweight: Aleksey Kharlamov (RUS) defeated Marcin Zembala (NIR)via Submission RNC at 1:09 of Round 2 – Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 2. Men’s Welterweight: Hardeep Rai (GBR) defeated Mika Kallio (FIN) vs by split decision– Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 3. Men’s Welterweight: Akonne Wanliss Wanliss (GBR) defeated Jørgen Indsetviken (NOR) by rear naked choke submission at 1:42 Round 2 -Referee Vankimmenade Axel (Belgium)

Bout 4. Men’s Welterweight: Cian Cowley (IRL) defeated Alvaro Gomez Aragón (ESP) by split decision. Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 5.Men’s Welterweight: Benjamin Bennett (USA) defeated Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (ITA) by unanimous decision– Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 6. Men’s Bantamweight: Hughie O’ Rourke (IRL) defeated Dian Minchev (BGR) by 0:50 Round 1 at Referee Referee Yeimy Arizq (Colombia)

Bout 7. Men’s Bantamweight: Daryl Clarke (IRL) defeated Renato Vidovic (SWE) via armbar submission at 1:59 at Round 1 – Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 8. Men’s Bantamweight: David Evans (USA) defeated Sambath Khun (CAN) by unanimous decision – Referee Vankimmenade Axel (Belgium)

Bout 9. Men’s Bantamweight: Sergio Hortelano Rodríguez (ESP) defeated Raf Voza (GBR) via armbar submission at 2:02 Round 1– Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 10. Men’s Bantamweight: Padraig Magee (NIR) def Danny Stirk (GBR))# by armbar submission at 0:42 Round 1 – Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 11. Men’s Bantamweight: Marco Zannetti (ITA) vs Markus Hægland (NOR) by TKO strikes at 1:17 Round 3- Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 12. Men’s Featherweight: Ross McCorriston (NIR) defeated Daniel Möller (DEU) via rear naked choke submission at 1:57 Round 1– Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 14. Men’s Featherweight: Eoghan Drumgoole (IRL) defeated Carlos Castro (USA) via unanimous decision Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 15. Men’s Featherweight: Nathan Kelly (IRL) defeated Ben Fehr (CAN) via TKO at 2:59 Round 2 – Referee Yeimy Arizq (Colombia)

Bout 16. Men’s Featherweight: Daniel Schalander (SWE) defeated Daniel Matuszek (POL) by unanimous decision- Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 17. Men’s Featherweight: Shoaib Yousaf (GBR) defeated Paulo Covas (PRT) via armbar submission at 2:18 Round 2 . Referee David Weir (UK)

Bout 18. Men’s Featherweight: Muhammadjon Naimov (TJK) defeated Antonio Lerose (ITA) by KO at 1:54 Round 2 . Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

CAGE 2 (18 Bouts)

Bout 1. Men’s Featherweight: Orlando Jimenez (USA) defeated Richard Saliba (LBN) by unanimous decision – Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 2. Men’s Featherweight: Connor Hitchens (GBR) defeated Matt McMeeking (NZL) by at triangle choke submission at 2:55 Round 1 – Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

Bout 3.Men’s Lightweight: Geir Kåre Cemsoylu Nyland (NOR) defeated Francesco Spinola (ITA) via arm triangle submission at 1:19 Round 3- Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania) Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 4. Men’s Lightweight: Iorga Cristian (ROU) defeated Campanella Mahio (FRA) by unanimous decision. Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 5. Men’s Lightweight: Eben Cox (AUS) defeated Paul Butacu (ROU) via TKO due to injury Round 1 – Referee Ferdinand Bason (S.Africa)

Bout 6. Men’s Lightweight: Pieter Roedulf Roets (ZAF) defeated Franklin Jarrett (NZL) via TKO due to strikes at 2:15 Round 3 – Referee Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 7. Men’s Lightweight: Ferdun Osmanov (BGR) defeated Niko Koponen (FIN)) via unanimous decision. Referee Neil Swailes (NZ)

Bout 8. Men’s Lightweight: Tobias Harila (SWE) defeated Joe Harding (GBR) via unanimous decision – Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 9. Men’s Lightweight: Jay Jay Wilson (NZL) defeated Gustavo Gomez (USA) by TKO due to strikes at 1:32 Round 2 – Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

Bout 10. Men’s Lightweight: Przemysław Tokarz (POL) defeated Bogdan Grad (AUT) via retirement due to injury Round 2 –Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 11. Men’s Middleweight: Rostem Akman (SWE) vs Valeri Atanasov (BGR) via unanimous decision – Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania)

Bout 12. Men’s Middleweight: James Sheehan (IRL) defeated Irvin Jones (USA) by unanimous decision Referee Ferdinand Bason (S.Africa)

Bout 13. Men’s Middleweight: Byron Chivers (NZL) defeated Diarmuid O’ Buachalla (IRL) via TKO at 2:38 Round 1- Referee Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 14. Men’s Middleweight: Aaron Kennedy (NIR) defeated Perparim Salihu (FIN) at TKO due to strikes at 2:30 Round 2 – Referee Neil Swailes (NZ)

Bout 15. Men’s Middleweight: Dallas Jennings (USA) defeated Stockmann Toni (AUT) via armbar 0:58 Round 1.Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 16. Men’s Middleweight: Jamie Cookson (NZL) defeated Hani Alsardouk (LBN) via TKO 1:33 Round 3 – Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania)

Bout 17. Men’s Middleweight: Andrew Stanway (AUS) defeated IMBULA-BOFALE Eloge (FRA) via split decision. Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 18. Men’s Middleweight: Tom Crosby (GBR) defeated Pavel Salčák (CZE) by split decision

Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

CAGE 3 (18 Bouts)

Bout 1. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Tencho Karaenev (BGR) defeated Colton Cronkite (CAN) via rear naked choke at 2:51 Round 1- Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 2. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Bjarni Kristjánsson (ISL) defeated Igramudin Ashuraliev (RUS) via rear naked choke at 2:48 Round 3 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 3. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Simone Cancelli (ITA) defeated Gary Battle Jr (USA) by TKO at 2:19 Round 1 – Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 4. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Jaakko Honkasalo (FIN) defeated Merrick Bengis (ZAF) via guillotine choke submission at 0:44 Round 3 – Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 5. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Matthew Sheehan (IRL) vs Pawel Zakrzewski (POL) via unanimous decision– Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 6. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Marc Lelievre (NZL) defeated Doupona Dominic (AUT) via TKO due to strikes at 2:15 Round 2. Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 7. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Adam Biegański (POL) defeated Tolga Polat (TUR) via TKO due to strikes at 2:14 Round 1 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 8. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Patrick Drescher (DEU) defeated Robin Enontekio (SWE) via DQ Round 2 – Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 9. Men’s Heavyweight: Daniel Galabarov (BGR) defeated Cameron Tukua (NZL) by split decision – Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 10. Men’s Heavyweight: Lukasz Sniadecki (AUT) defeated Tomas Svoboda (CZE) by unanimous decision – Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 11. Men’s Heavyweight: Maciej Gasiorek (POL) defeated Kyle Francotti (CAN) by DQ – Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 12. Men’s Heavyweight: Simon Harle (ZAF) defeated Jason Simbro (USA) by TKO due to strikes at 1:56 Round 1 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 13. Men’s Heavyweight: Wayne Samways (GBR) defeated Irman Smajic (SWE) by unanimous decision Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 14. Women’s Bantamweight: Katarzyna Biegajlo (POL) defeated Manfredi Morgane (FRA) via unanimous decision. Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 15. Men’s Welterweight: Will Starks (USA) defeated Tyrone Quinn (IRL) via unanimous decision. Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 16. Men’s Welterweight: Joseph Luciano (AUS) defeated Henri Dimitri (FRA) via unanimous decision. Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 17. Men’s Bantamweight: Abdul Hussein (FIN) defeated Bryan Alexander Pereira Muñoz (COL) via armbar submission at 2:23 Round 1. Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 18. Men’s Bantamweight: Lath Stevens (NZ) defeated Abdulla Munfaredi (BHR) via split decision . Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)