Mexico is latest nation to represent MMA under IMMAF

immafMexico is the latest nation to represent the sport of MMA under the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, as the Mexican Federacion de Artes Marciales Mixtas Equidad y Juego Limpio (FAMMEJL) affiliates to the global governing body.

Formally registered in Mexico City, FAMMEJ represents an estimated 80% of the 10,000-strong national MMA community across 20 of Mexico’s states. The Amateur MMA governing body is recognised by INDEPORTE CDMX (National Institute of Sports Mexico City), CLAMM (Latin American Council of Mixed Martial Arts) and CONADE (National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport).

FAMMEJ was founded by veteran MMA competitor and standing President, Raul Salas Navarro, who serves as head coach to national MMA champions, as well as UFC and TUF competitors including Dodger Montano, Daniel Salas, Erick Montaño, Leonardo Rodriguez and Ilianovich Chalo. Navarro lays claim to the development of the first rules for an amateur MMA competition in Mexico and now promotes the biggest Amateur MMA tournament in Latin America, SICK, with 20 events to date and attracting thousands of practitioners from all over Mexico and Central America. Navarro is also co-founder, with Sergio Jimenez Bocos, of the CLAMM, which is mandated with the supervision of professional MMA.

Vice President Mario Delgado Dávila is the pioneer of Brazilian jiu jitsu in Mexico, as the first Mexican to be awarded a black belt from the hands of Renzo Gracie and the highest graded coach in the country. Dávila is the Gracie family’s representative in Mexico, with 20 affiliate academies in the country.

President, Raul Salas Navarro, said:

“The shield of the Federation of Mixed Martial Arts illustrates “Equity and Fair Play”, representing modernity combined with combat sports and the warrior tradition of this continent. The purpose of the Federation is the organisation of the sport of MMA, its official recognition, the safety of practitioners, the development of official national rankings and the formation of a national delegation of amateur athletes to participate in the tournaments under IMMAF, whose rules we will be adopting.

“We believe in promoting the safe practice of MMA, offering support to improve the teaching of MMA, the creation of programs for the public and private development of the sport and in ensuring a methodological unity in the activities of the sport’s members – all leading to improvement. It is our duty to care for and monitor compliance to technical and sporting rules.

“We are truly honoured to become a part of the international federation and we wish to thank the IMMAF for the opportunity for us to work together for the growth, dissemination and organisation of the sport and the care of its practitioners.”

IMMAF President, Kerrith Brown, said:

“I would like to welcome FAMMEJL to the IMMAF family, with all the experience that its representatives bring and as a dynamic force in Latin America. We look forward to seeing Team Mexico present new challenges in the IMMAF Amateur divisions at future IMMAF Pan American and World tournaments.”