IMMAF welcomes the Japan MMA Federation

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is excited to welcome the Japan MMA Federation (JMMAF), which is undergoing formal name change from Japan MMA License (JML).

Established in 1998 by Japan’s largest professional MMA promotion PANCRASE, the Amateur MMA organisation was founded to aid the development of MMA as a sport in Japan. The organisation is run according to democratic statues in line with international sporting values.

As the JML, the Japan MMA Federation has built up a nationwide network of over 200 MMA gyms and 20,000 participants; and holds Amateur MMA competitions 10-12 times a year across many Japanese cities. The organisation has been working to establish Unified Rules MMA using a caged enclosure at both amateur and professional level, in order to meet a global standard and is to adopt IMMAF Amateur rules.

JMMAF’s Commissioner is Yoshinori Umeki, who brings 20 years of refereeing experience in the sport, and the professional MMA representative is PANCRASE’s Masakazu Sakai, CEO of Smash Co. Ltd.

The Japan MMA Federation’s mission is to develop and promote MMA as a unified, international sport and the group is targeting the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo for a presence.

IMMAF is also pleased to announce that the JMMAF will be sending a team to represent Japan in the 2015 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA at UFC® International Fight week in Las Vegas.

On behalf of the JMMAF, Masakazu Sakai, said:

“I’m very happy to announce the JMMAF as the IMMAF representative for Japan, the original country of MMA. The role of IMMAF is very important for developing MMA as sport and MMA athletes for global competition. The Olympic Games will come to Tokyo, Japan, in 2020, so our target is to apply for MMA to have an official place in the competition. As a member of IMMAF we will promote MMA for the benefit of the whole world.”

IMMAF CEO Densign White said:

“Japan has a rich cultural heritage in martial arts that has been influential world over. Japan has also played a formative role in the pioneering of contemporary Mixed Martial Arts. I am proud to welcome the Japan MMA Federation as an IMMAF member and we very much look forward to welcoming a Japanese Amateur team to compete in the 2015 IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas.”

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