IMMAF partners with Adidas licensee Double D

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IMMAF has partnered with Adidas licensee Double D, as an official supplier of Adidas apparel and equipment for IMMAF championship events.

Double D CEO, Cédric Dermée, commented:

“Adidas is passionate about sport and ever responsive to the market, as it is Adidas’ aim to act as creator for the athlete. Adidas forms part of sport history and has always been worn by the world’s best athletes and teams. IMMAF is a new engaging and passionate sport federation working to develop its sport throughout the world, against outstanding growth. IMMAF wants to create its own identity and establish a reputation for mixed martial arts that the sport deserves.

“Double D has been an Adidas world licensee for 11 years and involved deeply with all combat sports, through their federations. Built on this experience, we have a wonderful opportunity to bring together the international brand Adidas and the incredible new sport of mixed martial arts. Our conviction has always been that MMA needed a federation in order to establish a structure through the world. The birth and the development of its federation through IMMAF is aligned with our values.

“Our role will be to support the development of MMA competitions through a range of bespoke products, designed hand in hand with IMMAF. We will make outfits and accessories for IMMAF competition that bring a true visual and technical identity, while ensuring a high level of security and performance.

“The goal of this development is to create a seal of approval as exists for all other combat sports. We also deeply believe in the development of MMA for leisure, and for that we need to make sport practice easy through a range of safe and comfortable products. This range will allow to integrate sport and pedagogic progression that IMMMAF will implement.

We thank President Kerrith Brown and his team to form part of this thrilling adventure and to grow together. adidas will love it!”

IMMAF President, Kerrith Brown, said:

“I celebrate this prestigious affiliation to the iconic Adidas brand, which sees IMMAF join a great sporting canon.The world famous Adidas logo carries with it so many memories of pivotal sporting moments. Adidas has been consistently innovative and we look forward to working in partnership to evolve IMMAF licensed products with the technological and design expertise of Adidas and Double D. I would like to thank Double D CEO, Cédric Dermée, for his long support of MMA and the CFMMA in France, despite political opposition, and for his belief in IMMAF and our work at the international level.”

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