IMMAF launches an accredited Cutman Course

The International MMA Federation launches an accredited Cutman Course, in partnership with Joe Clifford on the 6th March 2016 in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

The course will be jointly hosted by the Irish Amateur Pankration Association, in the Republic, and the Ulster Amateur MMA Association, which represents Northern Ireland. An invitation to the event at Team Ryano Gym is warmly extended to the members of IAPA & UAMMAA who hosted the very first MMA Cutman Course in the region, under Joe Clifford, in 2010; and IMMAF members are welcomed to apply. The course is not only suitable for those interested in pursuing a career as a cutman, but is also recommended as a general education for officials, commissioners, cornermen and other staff that work ringside.

About Joe Clifford

Joe Clifford has worked extensively as a cutman both nationally and internationally since 2004, covering events for the UFC, AIBA, WBA and WSB. He graduated with a BSc in Applied Sciences, holds a Diploma in Physical Therapy and is a certified Strength and Conditioning therapist. He is also a member of the Irish Physical Therapy Association, Irish Exercise Teachers Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association USA.

Joe will be working to develop licensing and pathways for cutman for IMMAF events, and will be contributing to the IMMAF Sports Organisation Rulebook on best practice for cutmen and best working processes between cutman and medical teams at MMA events.

Course Aims

• To educate participants on putting fighter health & safety first
• To educate participants on the rules and regulations of combat sports
• To educate and demonstrate effective hand wrapping skills which include techniques for the most common of hand injuries within the rules and regulations
• To educate participants on the potential dangers of concussion, impaired consciousness, working in symmetry with emergency services and implementing emergency response plans in case of injury
• To educate participants on the potential dangers of hemostatic pharmaceuticals and encourage participants to use natural alternatives
• To educate and demonstrate effective evidence based treatment protocols for venial & arterial bleeds, laceration, and hematomas, nose bleeds etc.
• To educate participants on the potential dangers of cross contamination, hygiene and sanitation in boxing and MMA

The course has been approved by medical organisation Safe MMA and is recognised by the Boxing Union of Ireland.

IMMAF CEO Densign White commented:

“IMMAF is developing a global educational calendar for participants and stakeholders of MMA and we are honoured to be working with someone of Joe’s experience to develop best practice for cutmen. There is huge demand worldwide for safety and regulatory guidelines in all areas of MMA event organization. The cutman role is an established tradition in combat sports, but lying outside of mainstream medicine can pose risks to the athlete. IMMAF aims to be progressive in establishing a safe workflow between all officials working at events, so that cutmen are regulated under medical guidelines.”

Speaking of the forthcoming course in Dublin, UAMMAA chairman Danny Corr said:

“We are excited to join with our IAPA colleagues in hosting the IMMAF recognised Cutman Course. The future of our sport will thrive through coach and competitor education and this course is leading the way in that respect. Where better to do it than in Dublin and at Andy Ryan’s gym from where the course material originated in 2010.”

Joe Clifford said:

“What makes this course particularly special is the collaboration between North and South, a collaboration that has paved the way for future generations of MMA In Ireland and Northern Ireland and now the world.”

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Course address: Team Ryano Gym, Unit 5, Finglas Business Centre, Jamestown Road, Dublin 11, Republic of Ireland

IMMAF MMA Cutman Course