IMMAF announces cutman courses in partnership with Joe Clifford


The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) has announced two further Cutman Courses in Europe in 2016, with educator Joe Clifford:

IMMAF Cutman Course – Grade B
13 November 2016 – London, United Kingdom
In association with the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMAF)

IMMAF Cutman Course – Grade C
10 – 11 December 2016 – Bucharest
In association with the Romanian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (RMMAF)


Educator Joe Clifford has worked extensively as a cutman both nationally and internationally since 2004, covering events for the UFC, IMMAF, WBA, WSB and AIBA and most recently providing cutman services at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. He has also covered a host of regional MMA events including BAMMA, Cage Warriors and the IMMAA National Amateur Championships. Clifford graduated with a BSc in Applied Sciences, holds a Diploma in Physical Therapy and is a certified Strength and Conditioning therapist. He is a member of the Irish Physical Therapy Association, Irish Exercise Teachers Association and the National Strength and Conditioning Association USA.

“The course addresses the need to educate seconds/ cutmen on appropriate corner care for fighters in treating minor injuries. Something that was previously shrouded in mystery, passed on through word of mouth, was seldom evidence based and endorsed the use of dangerous drugs. Now, like never, budding cutmen/women can work alongside, be supervised by and train with the best cutmen of our era. Using evidence based treatments and natural haemostatic agents, we are importantly setting a new standard globally which compliments event emergency services in providing a standard of care not seen before in corners.” ~ Cutman Educator Joe Clifford


The Grade C course is an entry level IMMAF course on which a certificate of attendance can be obtained. The aim is to provide participants with a general education in the field and the course is designed as an introduction for those who would like to progress to the Class B licensing course.

A Class C course certificate of attendance enables participants to shadow experienced, IMMAF qualified Cutmen of Class A level.

Their duties may consist of hand wrapping, greasing athletes before competition and shadowing an experienced Cutman of Class A status at amateur and professional MMA events. Class C Cutmen should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the Unified Rules of MMA.

A minimum of 3 months must pass before Class C course participants may sit the Class B IMMAF Cutman Certification Course Exam.


The Grade B course is open solely to graduates of the entry level, Grade C course, and forms part of system of progression that includes both practical and theoretical examinations.

Grade B Cutman Course Aims:

  • To understand and demonstrate the application of the rules and regulations of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in tending corners for fighters whom have suffered minor injuries in competition only.
  • To demonstrate an effective holistic working relationship with the ringside medical team e.g. doctor, paramedics
  • To demonstrate effective skills at administering treatments for minor injuries e.g. haematomas, lacerations and epistaxis (including under doctor supervision)
  • To understand and demonstrate competent hand wrapping skills within the rules and regulations of MMA for the effectiveness, comfort and the safety of the fighter.
  • To demonstrate necessary skills in administering bandage and taping within the rules and regulations of the sport for minor hand injuries.
  • To understand and demonstrate appropriate body position and handling skills in administering treatments to fighters either sitting or standing.
  • Grade B Cutmen must understand the basic ethical and moral responsibilities required to tend corners and demonstrate a code of conduct befitting of that role

IMMAF Cutman Courses have been approved by medical organisation, Safe MMA.


To apply for the Grade B course in London go to:
For inquiries, contact Amanda (UKMMAF) at or Gosha Malik (IMMAF) at
To apply for the Grade C course in Bucharest go to:
For inquiries, contact George Stanciu (RMMAF) at or Gosha Malik (IMMAF) at