Fightland Explores Afghani MMA Scene in Latest From Worldwide Series

Fightland chats with Afghanistan’s five-time kickboxing gold medalist Rohullah Mohammadi about training kids to follow in his footsteps

Watch Worldwide: Afghanistan on Fightland:

Afghanistan on Fightland

NEW YORK, NY (October 9, 2013) – Fightland today presents Worldwide: Afghanistan, the latest episode in Fightland’s Worldwide series which explores gyms and fighting traditions around the globe. In the episode, Fightland travels to Kabul, Afghanistan to meet Rohullah Mohammadi, a five-time kickboxing gold medalist who has devoted his life to teaching the art of MMA to the kids of his war-torn country.

Fightland, VICE’s channel dedicated to the world and culture of MMA, recently spoke with former kickboxing champion and founder of the American Kickboxing Academy, Javier Mendez, in San Jose, Calif. Check out the video feature here:

Fightland also featured MMA spokesperson Brittany Palmer discussing her love of rock stars and how art school prepared her for her Playboy spread. Read the interview here:

Don’t be fooled by all the shaved heads and broken bones: Mixed martial arts is a world of tacticians, moralists, spiritualists, traditionalists, eccentrics, disciplinarians, innovators, and nerds — men and women who willingly lock themselves away from the world to master the fine art of fighting the way others master the piano or quantum theory. Fightland tells the story of MMA as it is today: an ever-expanding, ever-evolving culture where athletes sacrifice their blood and bodies in a shared search for something like art.

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