Fight Network Italia Set to Launch Across Italy

Fight Network Italia
Fight Network, the world’s premier 24/7 multi-platform channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports, today announced the launch of Fight Network Italia, which will be available free to Sky Italia subscribers on SKY 804, reaching over 6 million passionate viewers. The service will launch on November 18, 2016.

Fight Network is a 24/7 television channel dedicated to complete coverage of combat sports. It airs programs covering the entire scope of the combat sports genre, including mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, traditional martial arts, fight news and analysis, as well as programs focusing on nutrition, health, psychological and physical wellness, medicine and social culture targeting women and youth.

Fight Network is rapidly expanding its footprint and is already available in the U.S., Canada and over 30 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as being available globally on digital platforms.

Fight Network Italia will broadcast fight-themed programming in primetime from 22:00 to 7:00 with premier national and international events, while daytime programming will include features and profiles, as well as lifestyle programming focusing on food, health and wellness.

Some Fight Network Italia programming highlights include Donne Combattenti, a docu-reality series taking viewers inside the lives female combat sports champions, Gym Food, a program dedicated to healthy eating, PalPop, which profiles gyms and training facilities in pursuit of new talent, and Dare to Defend, programming dedicated to self-defense for women.

Fight Network Italia is launching in partnership with Amanita Media, one of Italy’s preeminent production companies.

“Based on recent market research, it is estimated that there are more than 6 million combat sports fans in Italy and it is estimated this will increase by 6 to 10 percent annually,” said Duilio Simonelli, CEO of Fight Network Italia. “The challenge is to grow this passionate community, opening ourselves to new possibilities and targeted new audiences, including women.”

“Italy has always been an important target of Fight Network’s global expansion strategy,” said Leonard Asper, CEO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp., the parent company of Fight Network. “We are overwhelmed by the support we’ve received thus far. With premium events and original productions being unveiled in the coming months, Fight Network Italia will finally bring viewers in the region the combat sports content they’ve been craving.”

Fight Network Italia will be a multi-platform service with its Facebook page already launched and launching soon. The service will include an online portal, an app and complete social media integration.

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