Egyptian MMA Committee Joins IMMAF

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) welcomes the Egyptian MMA Committee as the fifth African organization to join as a member.

The Egyptian MMA Committee (EMMAC) was formed as democratic, non-profit sport federation under the directive of Egypt’s Ministry of Youth and Sport and intends to work in line with IMMAF’s Unified Amateur rules and guidelines.

The main objectives of the Egyptian MMA Committee are:
The development, promotion and popularization of MMA in Egypt
Promotion of health and healthy lifestyles through MMA
Increasing the role of sport in personal development, through MMA
Strengthening the position and prestige of MMA internationally through Egyptian athletes
Expanding the network of sports clubs and youth sports schools, alongside the training of highly skilled athletes
The committee’s founding group has been promoting mixed martial arts since April 2010 and, in an unregulated landscape, focused from the outset on establishing professional processes. The group was also responsible for the first Amateur mixed martial arts events in the country, under the banner of IMMAF Egypt. Despite obstacles, the pioneering work of the team led to a sway of opinion in their country.

EMMAC President Khaled Abdel Hamid said:

“Now the environment is less hostile. Everyone seems to be signing up to MMA. We now have Amateur competitors, and those turning Pro. Step by step, IMMAF EGYPT has created champions of MMA. Now, with the help of its members the Egyptian MMA committee intend on establishing regular national competitions in order to send a team the 2016 IMMAF World Championships, as well as to other IMMAF events. We will use our national competition to produce national ranking systems and will put in place processes to provide transparency in the selection of teams.”

Regarding the significance of the EMMAC’s membership to IMMAF, Khaled Abdel Hamid commented:

“I believe that the IMMAF has an essential role in building grassroots, youth and amateur MMA programs worldwide. MMA is an extremely popular professional sport in the media, but the development of the sport cannot go without a structure that extends to the masses.”