Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts joins IMMAF

Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM) The Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM) is the latest organization to join the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

The OCAMM was founded two years ago, and has since then worked closely with the Colombian Olympian Committee and national sporting establishment, COLDEPORTES. Through its work across clubs and with coaches in various regions, the group has worked to develop training activities in Colombia, secure sponsorship and promote youth welfare activities through public programs. OCAMM has spearheaded the Amateur MMA movement in Colombia, with its organization of regional championships and establishment of a national ranking system ( ). While MMA is permitted in the country, it is not regulated. OCAMM aims for the adoption of amateur regulations under a standard that will secure the proper development of the sport and the safety of its competitors, supported by the creation of a body of trained and accredited officials.

On joining IMMAF, the OCAMM issued the following statement:

“This achievement comes after a year of hard work, which can be credited to the excellent international relations directors of the association. We are proud to be recognized as the only representative body in Colombia of this significant international organization (IMMAF), which now has 48 affiliated national federations. The Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts shares IMMAF’s vision of mixed martial arts attaining full recognition as a sport and one day becoming an Olympic sport, as the highest formal recognition possible.

“It is noteworthy that this achievement of recognition under IMMAF belongs not only to our association, but is also an acknowledgement of our athletes, schools and other people who in one way or another are linked to MMA in Columbia. It constitutes international endorsement by the most important organization in the mixed martial arts world, and one that is supported by industry giant, UFC.

“The Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts will continue working for the national development and recognition of our sport, and we extend a warm invitation to others to work with us to make this a reality and become part of the OCAMM family.”

IMMAF CEO Densign White said:

“We are excited to welcome the Colombian Mixed Martial Arts Association into the IMMAF family. The organization has accomplished a lot in a short space of time, in a country that is experiencing a rapid growth in MMA. We look forward to working with the OCAMM and to welcoming its athletes to compete at IMMAF events in 2016.”