CFMMA Unveils MMA Progression Scheme – IMMAF Launches Education Academy

CFMMA Unveils Progression Scheme MMA

  • Press Conference on the 24th April 2015, Paris
  • Launch of IMMAF’s Education Academy
  • IMMAF Education Academy doors open with International MMA Training Camp, 24th – 26th April

The Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts (CFMMA) is unveiling its first Progression Scheme for Participants of MMA on 24th April, heralded by a press conference at the Racing Club De France, in Paris, France.

The unveiling of the scheme tallies with the formation of the IMMAF Education Academy, which opens its doors with a 3 day International MMA Training Camp that runs from 24th to 26th April.

Progression Scheme for Participants in MMA

Developed by the CFMMA the progression scheme is an educational tool for coaches of participants at grassroots level, providing them with teaching resources and a logical and safe way to deliver MMA sessions. It is also a motivational tool for the students of MMA as they learn and advance through the progression pathway. MMA evolved at a Professional level first, but the majority of participants in the sport now are recreational and may never compete. It is particularly with these students in mind that the Progression Scheme has been structured.

CEO Densign White said:

“MMA is unique in being a new sport that evolved on a Professional level first. It is often undermined by its detractors for not having an educational basis or a values system. This is clearly untrue, and we acknowledge that many coaches and regional federations worldwide have devised effective educational progression pathways for students, that have delivered results on an elite level. However these various and similar systems that have evolved through experience have not yet been formalized under global governance. This leaves the sport and its students vulnerable. The purpose of the pilot French Progression Scheme is to provide a safe reference guide for coaches.”

World Performance and Education Academy

The Racing Club De France is to be established as the IMMAF Education Academy. The centre will be the hub for IMMAF educational activities, including officials and coaches education courses that are soon to be announced for the coming year and beyond.

IMMAF president, Bertrand Amoussou, said:

“It feels wonderful to be able to call Paris home to education and sport development in MMA. There has been a well-documented, unjust and tyrannical lobby against our sport in France; and the IMMAF Education Academy represents everything that our detractors say we do not have. Every piece of ill-founded ammunition they choose to throw at Mixed Martial Arts, the Academy stands up to proudly as an embodiment of the values and educational elements inherent in MMA.

“As IMMAF’s President I welcome this new era of enhanced investment into the development and progression of our sport; and I look forward to opening the door to international Members, officials, athletes and stakeholders from all over the world. We welcome everyone with a stake in MMA to participate in the development of the sport, and having a base for that will be a great enabler.”

International MMA Training Camp

The Commission Française de Mixed Martial Arts (CFMMA) hosts an International MMA Camp in Paris on 24th, 25th and 26th April 2015.

The event features seminars led by:

  • Bertrand Amoussou, IMMAF President, 3 times jujitsu world champion and former Pride competitor
  • David Pierre Louis, grappling world champion
  • Audrey Prieto, wrestling world champion
  • Aurelien Duarte, 7 times Muay Thai world champion

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