Cage Warriors 73 is Safe MMA Clear


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Cage Warriors continues to be sanctioned by Safe MMA, as it brings Cage Warriors 73 to Newcastle this evening. All 28 professional fighters competing at the Metro Radio Arena event have been approved as fit for participation by the independent medical organisation. See below for the full list of Safe MMA clear competitors.


Alex Enlund
Brett Caswell
Curt Warburton
Damien Rooney
Danny Suter
Dean Trueman
Ellis Hampson
Ian Malone
Irene Cabello
Jimmy Wallhead
Juan Manuel Suarez
Kyle Redfearn
Leeroy Barnes
Lewis Long
Lewis Monarch
Liam James
Marcin Lasota
Mark Connor
Matt Inman
Michael Abbott
Moktar Benkaci
Nad Narimani
Patrick Pimblett
Ronnie Mann
Shajidul Haque
Stephen Martin
Steven Ray
Vanessa Reinsch

To view the complete current Safe MMA fighters’ register visit:

-For all general Safe MMA enquiries contact or 07984 936 219

-To register and for all Safe MMA enquiries to CHHP, 76 Harley St contact:

About Safe MMA
SAFE MMA is a not for profit organisation established to improve the safety of MMA fighters in the UK. Under the Safe MMA banner, the medical centre provides a secure, centralised and confidential database for fighter medical records; and coordinates affordable, standardised blood and medical tests for all registered fighters. Additionally, SAFE MMA members will have access to advice from leading world experts in sports medicine.

UK promotions united to help found the project and have agreed that from 1st January 2013 all fighters on their cards must be registered to Safe MMA and undergo annual medical tests and bi-annual blood tests. The promotions have agreed only to use fighters that are deemed medically safe to fight under the Safe MMA (green light) system and not to use fighters that are suspended due to injuries, such as concussion, or who are overdue for blood tests, for example. Additionally, the promotions have pledged to have medical professionals carry out pre- and post-fight tests with all results to be submitted to the confidential medical database at 76 Harley St. Medical data will never be transmitted to anyone but Safe MMA will be able to give a rapid and all-hours service to inform authorised promotions of who is medically safe to fight and who needs to be rechecked, at the time of enquiry. Safe MMA is the independent medical advisory for the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation – UKMMAF. Visit for further information.