2016 IMMAF European Open Championships – First Medalist & Finalist Results


The 2016 IMMAF European Open Championships completed its fourth day and Semi-Finals last night at the Arena Sparta in Prague, Czech Republic.

The winners all proceed now into this evening’s Finals, while those who were defeated have earned a 2016 IMMAF European Bronze medal.

Sweden and Bulgaria are already topping the medals count with 7 and 6 finalists apiece. The countries additionally secured 1 and 2 Bronze medals each through Semi-Final losses.

Hosted by the Czech MMA Association (MMAA), the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s nation vs. nation tournament is a 5 day event spanning 22 to 26 November. The finalized draw included 151 Amateur MMA competitors from 30 member countries and includes weight categories from Women’s Strawweight to Lightweight, and Men’s Flyweight to Super Heavyweight.

All matches are held under the IMMAF Unified Amateur MMA Rules.

See below for the Official Results for Day 4, 25 November (Semi-Finals).

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To view the Matches Schedule for the Finals (Day 5) on 26 November go to:


Cage 1 (only)
1. Women’s Flyweight: Gabriella Ringblom (Sweden) def. Ilaria Norcia (Italy) via Unanimous Decision (30, 27 )
2. Women’s Flyweight: Alexandra Kovacs (Hungry) def. Anette Osterberg (Finland) via Unanimous Decisions (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
3. Women’s Bantamweight: Cornelia Holm (Sweden) def. Arziko Bregu (Italy) via TKO, round 1 (2:46)
4. Women’s Bantamweight: Camilla Mannes (Norway) def. Chamia Chabbi (Finland) via Split-Decision (28-29,28-29, 30-27)
5. Women’s Featherweight: Julia Dorny (Germany) def. Iris Nihti (Finland) via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
6. Women’s Featherweight: Joanne Doyle (UK) def. Fatime Nanasi (Hungary) via TKO, round 2 (2:24)
7. Men’s Flyweight: David Fogarty (Ireland) def. Berik Shinaliyev (Kazakhstan) via Submission (Triangle Choke), round 2 (0:54)
8. Men’s Flyweight: Serdar Altas (Sweden) def. Sanan Safarli (Azerbaijan) via Submission (RNC), round 2 (2:15)
9. Men’s Bantamweight: Marco Zannetti (Italy) def. Rostislav Raichev (Bulgaria) via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
10. Men’s Bantamweight: Renato Vidovic (Sweden) def. Jan Vaclavek (Czech Republic) via TKO, round 2 (2:59)
11. Men’s Featherweight: Michele Martigoni (Italy) def. Hoger Salih (Sweden) via Unanimous Decision, following round 4 added due to Majority Draw (9-10)
12. Men’s Featherweight: Daniel Schalander (Sweden) def. Kierandip Sahota (UK) via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
13. Men’s Lightweight: Ferdun Osmanov (Bulgaria) def. Alexander O’Sullivan (Ireland) via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
14. Men’s Lightweight: Lee Hammond (Ireland) def. Milad Ahady (UK) via Submission (Armbar), round 2 (2:16)
15. Men’s Welterweight: Nikolay Nikolov (Bulgaria) def. Henri Dimitri (France) via Split-Decision (28-29, 29-38, 30-27)
16. Men’s Welterweight: Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (Italy) def. Magnus Ingvarsson (Iceland) via Split-Decision (27-30, 29-28, 28-29)
17. Men’s Middleweight: Rostem Akman (Sweden) def. Tom Crosby (UK) via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
18. Men’s Middleweight: Valeri Atanasov (Bulgaria) def. Florian Aberger (Austria) via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
19. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Egill Hjordisarson (Iceland) def. Tencho Karaenev (Bulgaria) via Submission (D’arce Choke), round 1 (1:41)
20. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Pawel Zakrzewski (Poland) def. Paolo Anastasi (Italy) via Unanimous Decision (30-27)
21. Men’s Heavyweight: Irman Smajic (Sweden) def. Ion Grigore (Romania) via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
22. Men’s Heavyweight: Daniel Galabarov (Bulgaria) def. Berat Berisha (Norway) via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
23. Men’s Super-Heavyweight: Atanas Krastanov (Bulgaria) def. Marcin Kalata (Poland) via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
24. Men’s Super Heavyweight: Matias Anttila (Finland) def. Damian Visenjak (Austria) via TKO, round 3 (1:23)
25. Women’s Strawweight: Aleksandra Toncheva (Bulgaria) def. Svetlana Kotova (Russia) via Submission (RNC), round 1 (0:23)