Cage Warriors raises the level in MMA fighter medical safety


Cage Warriors has raised the level in its medical safety criteria for Cage Warriors Unplugged. Athlete clearance for tonight’s event in the BT Studio in London has seen its MMA competitors required to meet enhanced medical standards.

Cage Warriors is one of the founding members of Safe MMA and has since January 2013 required its athletes to be independently, medically cleared by the organization. Medical clearance requirements have previously included annual medical examinations, tests for blood borne viruses as well as pre and post-match examinations, to which Cage Warriors has now added specialist eye-tests.

In addition to this, all Cage Warriors Unplugged competitors have undergone mandatory brain scans in order to participate in tonight’s show.

‘Cage Warriors Unplugged’ will provide the warm-up act for BT Sport’s live broadcast of the historic UFC 205, as UFC debuts in New York in the most talked about MMA event of the year.

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The full list of competitors medically cleared by Safe MMA to compete for CW Uplugged are as follows:

Chris Fishgold
Ché Mills
John Redmond
Julian Erosa
Karl Moore
Kenneth Bergh
Leeroy Barnes
Lloyd Manning
Matt Inman
Nathan Sparks
Nic Herron-Webb
Paco Estevez
Patrick Pimblett
Ross Cooper
Sam Creasey
Shajidul Haque

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