Bellator 158 undercard is medically approved by Safe MMA

Bellator MMA

16 JULY 2016

Safe MMA has confirmed that all MMA athletes competing on the undercard of Bellator 158 have been medically approved as fit for competition. Bellator’s UK based event takes place at The O2 in London tonight, Saturday 16th July.

Safe MMA is an independent advisory and services provider that offers third party medical clearance for MMA competitors in the UK and Ireland. Under its guidelines, MMA fighters are required to pass standardised annual medical examinations and tests for blood borne viruses (HIV, Hepatitis B and C) in order to participate on affiliated shows. Post-bout medical suspensions are also submitted to Safe MMA, so that they can be observed by other affiliates by consensus, since there is no enforced regulation of the sport in the region.

In addition to meeting Safe MMA minimum safety standards, Bellator competitors have been required by the promoter to undergo MRI scans of the brain, the reports for which have likewise been submitted to Safe MMA for record keeping.

Athletes featuring on the Bellator 158 international main card have been medically cleared to compete via ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association), in line with the promotion’s usual protocol as a U.S. based organisation. Meanwhile the undercard includes a predominantly domestic line-up.

Safe MMA founder and ambassador, Marc Goddard, said:

“On a personal level I’m thrilled that the purpose for which we built Safe MMA remains of value. While we lack regulation of MMA in the United Kingdom, voluntary self-governance through collaboration with an independent medical body has been key for setting and enforcing a shared, base level of safety for MMA fighters. I’m immensely proud that a world renowned organisation, such as Bellator, is both supporting and benefitting from the Safe MMA project. It is to be applauded that Bellator has opted to work with Safe MMA in a region where third party compliance is not mandatory, and it is solely through voluntary cooperation that regulation is enabled.”

Safe MMA would like to thank matchmaker, Chris Zorba, and the Bellator and ATAK Promotions teams for their dedication and work to ensure independent clearance of the Bellator 158 undercard through Safe MMA.

See below for the list of competitors that have been approved as medically clear to compete by Safe MMA for the Bellator 158 undercard:

Alex Reid
Chase Morton
Clifford Meeks
Danny Mitchell
Dean Garnett
Dominic Clark
Jack Mason
James Gallagher
James Mulheron
Jason Radcliffe
Luiz Tosta
Manu Garcia
Michael Cutting
Michael Shipman
Nathaniel Wood
Neil Grove
Pietro Menga
Spencer Hewitt
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